Hi, I'm Charlotte Bayer, class of 2022! To the right, you can find hyperlinks to take you to any place on this website. Below are some cool gifs. I'm going for a fire and brimstone look here. I'm very happy to be in this class this semester and I can't wait to see everyone's cool websites and read their reviews!!! Some of my favorite movies include : The Great Mouse Detective (1986), Little Women (2019), All the President's Men (1976), Singin' in the Rain (1953), and Star Trek IV (1986)!!! 1986 was a great year for movies, I think. I really love to draw and sew and make ridiculous looking websites. I also like to make little movies of my own. Several of them are up on the internet but I will never in a million years tell you what they're called! Search for them all you like, make an adventure of it. Please feel free to look around my webpage... you may even find some secrets... who knows...

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Note: please don't try to access this site on moblie, the results will probably be disgusting.


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